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Features and Structure of Fully Welded Ball Valves


Features and Structure of Fully Welded Ball Valves
The seat of the fully welded ball valve is composed of a carbonized Teflon sealing ring and a disc spring. The fully welded ball valve has strong adaptability to changes in temperature and pressure, so basically no leakage occurs. Let me share with you the characteristics of the five-point fully welded ball valve and the structure of the six-point fully welded ball valve:

Features and Structure of Fully Welded Ball Valves

Fully welded ball valvefeature
1.The valve stem adopts explosion-proof design.
2.Temperature range: -60-200℃.
3.The valve body is welded by steel pipe.
4.The ball pad is made of reinforced Teflon.
5. Drive mode: manual or turbo transmission.

Fully welded ball valvestructure
1.Compact, lightweight, easy to keep warm and easy to install.
2.The fully welded ball valve is made of carbon steel seamless steel pipe to press and form the integral welded ball valve.
3.The sealing adopts carbon reinforced PTFE inclined surface elastic sealing ring to press negative pressure on the spherical surface, so that the sealing can achieve zero leakage and long service life.
4.The valve stem is made of AISI303 stainless steel, and the valve body is made of AISI304 stainless steel.
5.The connection method of the ball valve: there are welding, thread, flange, etc. for users to choose. Transmission mode: It adopts handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric and other transmission structures, and the switch is flexible and light.
6. The one-piece welded ball valve is developed by absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with the actual situation in China. It replaces imported products with domestic products and fills the domestic gap. It is widely used in the fields of natural gas, petroleum, heating, chemical and thermal power pipelines and other long-distance pipelines.
five points aboveThe characteristics of the all-welded ball valve and the structure of the six-point all-welded ball valve are hoped to help you. Hurry up and retweet it~


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