Valve introduction

The glue valve has two states, namely the glue sealing state and the glue discharge state. The air inlet below the valve body takes in air, the air inlet above the valve body stops air intake, and the piston cavity reciprocates. At this time, the piston rod is pulled back, and the rubber valve is in the sealing state, and vice versa.

Valve introduction

The working principle of the glue valve: when the glue is discharged, the compressed air is sent into the glue inlet of the glue valve body, and the glue is pressed into the glue inlet pipe connected with the piston cavity. When the piston is in the upper stroke, the piston cavity is filled with glue. When the dispensing needle is pushed down, glue is dispensed from the nozzle. The amount of glue dispensed is determined by the distance, pressure and time of the plunger, and the glue valve itself can fine-tune the amount of glue dispensed.
The above introduces the basic information of the rubber valve and the basic working principle of the rubber valve. Hurry up and forward it~


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