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Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Ball Check Valves


Stainless steelStandard Specification for Ball Check Valves

Stainless steel ball check valve is stainless steelMaterial ball check valve.Another name for ball check valve isinversestop valve,Stainless steelBall check valveThe function is to prevent the medium in the pipeline in the system from backflowing.Stainless steelBall check valveThe opening and closing parts of the valve are opened or closed by the force of the medium flow, and the valve used to prevent the medium from flowing backward is calledstainless steel stopreturn valve. Stainless steel check valve is a kind of automatic valve category, mainly used in pipeline systems with one-way flow of medium, which only allows the medium to flow in one direction to prevent accidents.
Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Ball Check Valves

Stainless steelStandards and Specifications for Ball Check Valves

  1design and manufacture:API594,API6D,JB/T8937

  2Structure length:API594,API6D,DIN3202,JB/T8937

  3Pressure-temperature grade:SNSIB16.34,DIN2401,GB/T9124,HG20604,HG20625,SH3406,JB/T74

  4Test and inspection:API598,JB/T9092

  5Piping flange:JB/T74~90,GB/T9112! 9124,HG20592~20635,SH3406,ANSIB16.5,DIN2543~2548,GB/T13402,API605,ASMEB16.47
The above five points are the standard specifications for stainless steel ball check valves, which are in accordance with the standard specifications for design and manufacture, structural length, pressure, temperature class, test and inspection, and piping flanges.


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