Working principle of one-way valve

One-way valve refers to the device in which the medium in the valve body can only flow in the direction of the water inlet, and the medium in the water outlet cannot flow back.One-way valves are also called check valves or check valves. Check valves are used in hydraulic systems to prevent reverse flow of oil flow, or in pneumatic systems to prevent reverse flow of compressed air. There are two types of check valves, straight-through and right-angle. The straight-through check valve is installed on the pipeline with a threaded connection. There are three types of right-angle check valves: threaded connection, plate connection and flange connection.

Working principle of one-way valve

A controllable one-way valve, the left side of the figure below, when the pressure of A is greater than B, the pressure pushes the one-way valve core to overcome the force of the spring, and the medium can flow from A to B. However, when the pressure of B is greater than that of A, under the joint action of the medium pressure and the spring, the one-way valve core will only be tightly closed, and the medium cannot flow from B to A.When X has pressure, the control piston moves to the right and pushes the check valve core open so that A and B can communicate with each other.Simple one-way valves do not have X passages and control pistons.

Working principle of one-way valve

The small valve has explained the working principle of the one-way valve in the form of pictures and texts. I hope everyone has a certain understanding~


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