Working principle of bimetallic disc trap

The bimetal trap is mainly composed of a bimetal temperature sensing element, which can be deformed by heat according to the increase or decrease of the steam temperature, and push the valve core to open and close the valve.
The bimetal sheet trap has an adjusting bolt, which enables it to adjust the current operating temperature according to the demand. Generally, the adjustment range of the subcooling degree is lower than the saturation temperature of 15°C-30°C, and the back pressure rate is greater than 70%. No condensing gas, no fear of freezing, small size, water hammer resistance, high pressure resistance, and can be installed in any position. Bimetals are fatigued and require frequent adjustments. When the device is just started, low-temperature condensed water appears in the pipeline, the bimetal sheet is flat, the valve core is under the elastic force of the spring, and the valve is in the open position. When the temperature of the condensate water gradually rises, the bimetallic strip temperature sensing element begins to bend and deform, and pushes the valve core to the closed position. Before the condensate reaches saturation temperature, the trap begins to close. The bimetal strip controls the valve switch with the change of steam temperature to block steam and drain water.
The above is the working principle of the bimetallic sheet trap. There is not much content, but it is enough to explain the working principle clearly. Get it quickly~


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