Working principle and basic structure of hydraulic valve

Working principle and basic structure of hydraulic valve
An automatic component driven and operated by pressure oil is called a hydraulic valve. The hydraulic valve is controlled by the pressure oil. Generally, it is used in combination with an electromagnetic pressure distribution valve. It is mainly used for remote control of oil, gas and water pipes in hydropower stations. On-off operation of the road system. It mainly performs operations such as clamping, control, and lubrication in the oil circuit. It is roughly divided into two types: direct-acting type and pilot type, among which the pilot type is more commonly used.

Working principle and basic structure of hydraulic valve

The basic structure of the hydraulic valve mainly includes the valve body and the valve core and the operating device that drives the valve core to make relative movement in the valve body. The main forms of the valve core are roughly divided into ball valve, slide valve and cone valve; in addition to the valve body hole or valve seat hole matched with the valve core, the valve body also has the inlet, outlet and drain port of the external oil pipe; The device that drives the valve core to do relative movement in the valve body can be a manual adjustment mechanism, a spring or an electromagnet, and in some cases, it is also driven by hydraulic pressure.
In terms of working principle, the hydraulic valve uses the relative movement of the valve core in the valve body to control the opening and closing of the valve port and the size of the opening to achieve pressure, flow and direction control. When the hydraulic valve is working, the relationship between the valve port size of all valves, the pressure difference between the valve inlet and outlet, and the flow through the valve conform to the orifice flow formula (q=KA Δpm), but various valves The controlled parameters are different.


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