What are the reasons for the hot water pump motor?

Reasons for the heating of the water pump motor:

1. The selected pump is not matched.
2. Bearing damage;
3. The clearance of rolling bearing or bracket cover is too small;
4. The pump shaft is bent or the two shafts are not concentric; the tape is too tight;
5. Lack of oil or poor oil quality;
6. The balance hole on the impeller of the water pump is blocked, the impeller is out of balance, and the thrust to one side is increased;
7. The voltage is high or low;
8. The connection method is wrong, and the △ shape is mistakenly connected to a Y shape, so that the temperature of the motor rises rapidly;
9. The ambient temperature is too high.
10. Reasons for the working environment of the water pump: The motor winding is damp or dust, oil, etc. adhere to the winding, resulting in reduced insulation.

Troubleshooting methods for the heating of the pump motor:

1. Replace the pump motor in time to avoid burnout;
2. Replace the bearing;


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