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What are the characteristics of electromagnetic pulse valve?


What are the characteristics of electromagnetic pulse valve?

The electromagnetic pulse valve is a diaphragm valve that combines a solenoid valve, a pilot valve and a pulse valve and is directly controlled by an electrical signal. Under the control of electromagnetic or pneumatic pilot valve, it can open and close the diaphragm valve of high pressure gas source to generate pulse in an instant. Control the oil pressure in the oil circuit. It is generally installed in the main oil circuit or the shock absorber back pressure oil circuit to reduce the oil pressure shock when shifting and locking and unlocking, and keep the equipment running smoothly. The following is an introduction to both safety and applicability:

Characteristics of electromagnetic pulse valve

1. Security:
1. Aggressive medium: it is advisable to use plastic king electromagnetic pulse valve and all stainless steel; for strong erosive medium, isolation diaphragm type must be used. Example CD-F. Z3CF. For neutral medium, it is also advisable to use a solenoid valve with copper alloy as the valve casing material, otherwise, rust chips often fall off in the valve casing, especially in the occasions where the action is not frequent. Ammonia valves cannot be made of copper.
2. Explosive environment: It is necessary to select the corresponding explosion-proof grade products, and the waterproof and dust-proof varieties should be selected for outdoor installation or dusty occasions.
3. The nominal pressure of the solenoid valve should exceed the higher working pressure in the pipe.
2. Applicability:
1. Medium characteristics
1.1 Choose different types of solenoid valves for gas, liquid or mixed state. For example, ZQDF is used for air, ZQDF-Y is used for liquid, and ZQDF-2 (or -3) is used for steam, otherwise it is easy to cause malfunction. ZDF series multi-function solenoid valve can be connected to gas and liquid. It is better to inform the state of the media when ordering, so that the installation user does not have to adjust the mode.
1.2 The medium temperature is different for products of different specifications, otherwise the coil will burn out, the seals will be aged, and the lifespan will be seriously affected.
1.3 Medium viscosity, usually below 50cSt. If it exceeds this value, and the diameter is larger than 15mm, use the ZDF series multi-function electromagnetic pulse valve as a special order. The diameter is less than 15mm to order high viscosity solenoid valve.
1.4 When the cleanliness of the medium is not high, a recoil filter valve should be installed in front of the electromagnetic pulse valve. When the pressure is low, a direct-acting diaphragm solenoid valve can be used, such as CD-P.
1.5 If the medium is directional and smooth, and the reverse flow of ZDF-N and ZQDF-N is not allowed, it needs to use two-way smooth and smooth, please make special requirements.
1.6 The medium temperature should be selected within the allowable range of the solenoid valve.
2. Pipeline parameters
2.1 Select the valve port and model according to the medium flow direction requirements and the pipeline connection method. For example, for switching from one pipe to two pipes, choose CA5 and Z3F for small diameters, and ZDF—Z1/2 for medium or large diameters. Another example is to control the confluence of two pipelines, please choose ZDF-Z2/1 and so on.
2.2 Select the nominal diameter according to the flow rate and Kv value of the valve, or the same as the inner diameter of the pipeline.
The above describes the characteristics of electromagnetic pulse valve from the special requirements of corrosive medium, explosive environment and pipeline parameters. It is irreplaceable and important in some working conditions.


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