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What are the advantages of electric ceramic regulating valve


What are the advantages of electric ceramic regulating valve?The electric ceramic regulating valve adopts a three-stage structure, and uses different forging materials in different site working conditions, including: carbon steel and stainless steel.which is mainly composed of ceramic ball valves and electronic electric actuators, so that the structure of the valve body material is more reasonable. The reason why the electric ceramic regulating valve is made of ceramic material is to avoid direct contact with the medium, resulting in the possibility of corrosion, and the chemical properties of the structural ceramic are stable, high hardness, and can resist most acid and alkali medium corrosion, and the wear resistance is also good. extremely strong. In addition to avoiding corrosion, the electric ceramic regulating valve also has performance and technical advantages. The following analysis:
What are the advantages of electric ceramic regulating valve


1. Light weight and beautiful appearance.

2. In terms of function, it can replace many products with incomplete functions, simplify the shape, and solve the shortcomings of complex factory management, complex model selection, and heavy maintenance workload.
3. The adjustable ratio of this valve is large, generally up to 100, and can ensure good adjustability from 10% to 90% of the opening.
4. The operation is stable and the reliability is extremely high, which can solve the fatal structural defect of traditional valves with large leakage.
5. Excellent on-off characteristics and zero leakage, which solves the fatal structural defect of traditional valves with large leakage.
6. Good ability to overcome pressure difference, anti-blocking function, simple flow path, no resistance adjustment, large KV value, and good “self-cleaning” performance.
7. The flow characteristic of this control valve is approximately equal percentage (the comparison between the ideal flow characteristic and the standard equal percentage characteristic is shown in the figure below). As for the flow characteristics of actual work, since there is always a pressure difference between the front and back of the valve, the actual curve of the traditional control valve will be greatly distorted but relatively small, so it not only has good regulation performance, but also has good performance. economy and energy saving.
8. Compared with the pneumatic control valve, the power supply is convenient and economical, saving a series of costs for the establishment of a gas source station. At the same time, because the pneumatic control valve needs to add the cost of the electric valve positioner, this valve has a very strong price advantage.
9. The electric adjustment mechanism has high precision, the resolution can reach 1/1000, the operation cost is low, and no maintenance is required.
10. According to the actual use environment, PTFE-lined ceramic ball valves or full-lined ceramic hard-sealed ball valves can be used to obtain higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Basic indicators:

Basic error: 2%; hysteresis: 1.5%; dead zone: 3%,

technical performance

KW series ceramic ball valve is a high-tech product independently developed by Jintai Meilin Company by utilizing the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and high wear resistance of structural ceramics and adopting advanced German design structure. It can be manufactured in accordance with GB, JIS, API and other standards. It has super anti-corrosion and wear-resistant properties. It is an ideal substitute for imported high-end valves. Unanimous praise.

Lightweight, beautiful, reliable, zero leakage, and intelligent proportional adjustment are his overall advantages.
The above has explained the advantages of electric ceramic control valves from two aspects: performance characteristics and technical characteristics. Do you know more about the advantages of electric ceramic control valves now?


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