Water control valve selection

Hydraulic control valve is a general term, controlled by water pressure, it consists of a main valve and its attached conduit, pilot valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge.
Water control valve selection

When using a hydraulic control valve, first of all, pay attention to the selection. Improper selection will cause water blocking and air leakage. When selecting a hydraulic control valve, the drainage volume of the hydraulic control valve must be selected according to the steam consumption per hour of the equipment multiplied by 2-3 times the selection rate to be the larger amount of condensed water. In order to ensure that the hydraulic control valve can discharge the condensed water as soon as possible when driving, and quickly increase the temperature of the heating equipment. The discharge energy of the hydraulic control valve is not enough, which will cause the condensed water to not be discharged in time and reduce the thermal efficiency of the heating equipment.

When selecting a hydraulic control valve, the nominal pressure cannot be used to select a hydraulic control valve, because the nominal pressure can only indicate the pressure level of the hydraulic control valve body shell, and the nominal pressure of the hydraulic control valve is very different from the working pressure. Therefore, the displacement of the hydraulic control valve should be selected according to the working pressure difference. The working pressure difference refers to the difference between the working pressure before the hydraulic control valve minus the back pressure at the outlet of the hydraulic control valve. The selection of hydraulic control valve requires accurate steam blocking and drainage, high sensitivity, can improve steam utilization, no steam leakage, reliable working performance, high back pressure rate, long service life, and convenient maintenance are the preferred conditions.
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