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The word “valve” generally refers to powerful families in ancient times. In modern people’s thinking, there are nothing more than two broad meanings: valves and warlords.
Valve: In the mechanical system, it plays the role of controlling and regulating the flow, pressure and flow direction of the medium. The common ones are: butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, etc. Some people also refer to the valve as a “valve”.
warlord:A person or group of persons who have acquired a special status by virtue of their power.
Today I will introduce one of them: valves.


Valves are pipeline accessories used to control the opening and closing of the pipeline system, control the flow direction of the medium, adjust and control the parameters of the conveying medium, including temperature, pressure and flow.
Its role is: control part
Its application is: Conveyance, cutting and circulation of fluid medium
Its function is:Cut-off, diversion, voltage regulation, shunt, etc.
Its material is:Cast steel, plastic, non-standard custom and other materials
Valves are an extremely huge system, which leads to a vast amount of knowledge points and content that need to be understood. If you need more knowledge, about the classification (very large and detailed) and selection of valves, please contact us. Click to refer to “Valve Classification and Selection Instructions”.


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