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Valve packing detailed parameter function


When purchasing valves, you need to have certain knowledge and technology. Everyone knows that, so many types of valves, such as regulating valves, ball valves and gate valves, need packing. So what role does packing play? Please see the analysis below:

Valve packing is filled invalveThe material in the valve has good sealing and small friction coefficient, which is suitable for the valve and has an important effect, which can prevent the leakage of the medium and ensure the sealing function.

Valve packing detailed parameter function


promise pressure


Specification temperature

Scale (°C)

material type

Application occasion

V-shaped PTFE packing

(for general corrosion)




Produced by our company

Almost suitable for all chemicals, acid, alkali and other fluids and places where oil is prohibited.The surface of the stuffing box presents a crystalline material and solid-rich

Fluids with solid particles, this filler cannot be used.

Asbestos cotton wadding

(for usually high temperature)



or similar products

water vapor.High-temperature aliphatic hydrocarbons (petroleum), fatty ethers, animal and vegetable oils, Freon refrigerants, etc.

Inconel wire reinforced asbestos graphite rope packing

(for high temperature and high pressure)




or similar products

It is usually suitable for high temperature medium, and also suitable for high temperature and high pressure medium.

Asbestos Rope Woven Packing Impregnated with PTFE

(for corrosion)




or similar products

Almost suitable for various chemicals, acids, alkalis and other fluids, as well as V

Occasions where shaped PTFE packing is not suitable, but not for strong acids.

Asbestos Rope Woven Packing Impregnated with PTFE

(for liquid oxygen)




or similar products

Suitable for oxygen, liquid oxygen, and fluids where V-shaped PTFE packing is not suitable.

PTFE Rope Woven Packing

(for corrosion, pollution)




or similar products

It is almost suitable for various chemicals, acids, alkalis and other fluids. It can also be used in occasions where PTFE packing cannot be used.

Blue Asbestos Graphite Filler Treated with Polyethylene Hydrocarbon Wax

(for strong acids)



or similar products

for strong acids

The following is a brief introduction to the fillers used in some common working conditions:

low temperature

Cryogenic fluids are usuallyVShaped PTFE packing.But in fact often putVFormed polytetrafluoroethylene packing and impregnated polytetrafluoroethylene asbestos packing are used in combination.


When the fluid pressure is negative(below normal atmospheric pressure)Occasionally, the asbestos packing is easy to inhale air. In this case, the PTFE packing is usually reversed.

fluids rich in solids

VShaped polytetrafluoroethylene packing is usually collided and damaged by hard particles in the fluid, so the combined structure is adopted, and the upper half is installedVShaped polytetrafluoroethylene packing, the lower part is filled with asbestos rope packing to protect the packing.


Hydrogen is a flammable substance.Because of its small specific gravity, it is easy to leak, so the selection of packing should be very careful.VCombination of shaped polytetrafluoroethylene filler and impregnated polytetrafluoroethylene asbestos filler.

When the fluid temperature is higher than 200When the temperature is lower than ℃, most of them adopt the double-sealed structure.

After reading the above content, do you have a basic understanding of the detailed parameters and functions of valve packing? It must be more handy when choosing a valve.


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