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Valve sales is a job, valve marketing is a project.

This is my view on valve marketing. Every elite who is on the front line of valve sales is working hard, but we often encounter an inevitable problem, that is, the sales bottleneck. Generally, as long as a novice is willing to work hard, after two or three months, they will become an order, which is nothing more than the difference between a larger order or a smaller order. But as your performance gradually rises and the platform or resources allocated by the company are almost exhausted, you suddenly find yourself more at a loss than when you first entered the industry.

What should we do at this time? Maybe the average salesperson thinks it is enough, but for some salespersons, it is far from enough, because we do sales at the beginning to earn a little more commission, but as the work deepens, we need more than just more A little commission, as well as a certain dependence and belief in the industry. In a nutshell, when you finally get through something, only to find that you’ve lost all motivation, and you’re useless when you leave the industry, at least you have to start all over again.

Whether it is helpless persistence or enthusiasm for the industry, we all need to have a broader vision and thinking span. Some sales people may say that marketing is what management thinks about. In fact, in this era of teamwork, there is no absolute boundary between management and executives, and even executives have time, space and energy that management cannot reach. For example, when posting Weibo, the general management has little time to pay attention to it, and the executive layer does not have a problem with 20 posts a day. So, know where your strengths lie.

Of course, valve marketing is not just as simple as swiping Weibo. The first item in marketing content is planning. Blind promotion without planning cannot achieve good results. When planning, at least make the following preparations: 1. Brand, that is, what brand do you choose, whether it is a single brand or multiple brands, and brand positioning; 2. Product, determine the product category, select the main product, product customer positioning, price positioning, etc.; 3. Advertising, determine advertising words, advertising styles, advertising forms, etc.; 4. Channels, which channels to choose, the main channels, to analyze the characteristics of channels and the focus of publicity, where to promote products mainly, where to promote culture, and where to promote products And promote the culture.

With planning, feasibility assessment is also required. Feasibility assessment is a long process, which should be considered not only in the early stage, but also in the implementation process. The effect evaluation must be done, otherwise a lot of useless work will be done.

After the planning plan is determined, we can enter the promotion stage. Weibo, blog, etc. are one of our selected promotion channels. The publisher’s point of view is that blogs are suitable for publishing technical articles and experience articles, and Weibo should be used to promote culture and perception. Agenda etc. Swiping product information on Weibo cannot increase your followers, but will only make you talk to yourself, especially if you forcefully insert phone URLs in Weibo, it is more likely to arouse disgust. At least one point, if the microblog posted does not have any learning and sharing value, the “Valve Marketing” micro-issue will not be included.

Channel selection is not limited to Weibo and blogs. There are many different channels online and offline. Don’t stick to a certain channel, but you must maintain the same style. If you cannot maintain the same style, you must maintain the same style. core, do not deviate. Because marketing is placed at the management level to plan the market behavior of a company or a department, and for individuals, marketing is to promote their own personal characteristics. When your characteristics form a certain consensus among the audience, you will receive your The audience’s feedback to you, and it is exactly what you decide that determines the feedback result.


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