Valve CE certification operation process

Valve CE certification operation process

Valve CE certification part of the standard:

1. Design and manufacture standards such as EN 13709 for globe valves

2. Length standard: EN 558

3. Flange standard: EN 1092

4. Inspection and pressure test standard: EN 12266

5. Solder end standard: EN 12627

Conditions for valve manufacturers to reach the PED directive:

When valve manufacturers apply for EU certification, they often encounter the EU’s PED directive. To pass the PED certification, companies have to do a lot of work.

1. Determine the compliance review model.

2. Material Control. The EU standard requires that the material selected must ensure the safety and reliability of the valve within the expected life, and the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the material must be consistent with the valve’s working conditions.

3. Welding control. EU standards require that welding must be done by qualified personnel in accordance with sound workmanship.

4. Non-destructive testing. Non-destructive testing of permanent welding of valves must be performed by qualified personnel, and the qualifications of non-destructive testing personnel must be recognized by authorized agencies or third-party agencies recognized by member states.

5. Pressure detection.

6. Manufacturing Controls. Valve production should have good processes, such as forging process, heat treatment process, etc.

7. Valve manufacturers should not only have a series of ISO 9000 related documents, such as procedure documents and quality manuals, etc., but also PED requires special quality assurance manuals as supplementary procedure documents to ensure product safety.

8. Other requirements, such as joint coefficient requirements, pressure limiting device requirements, and instantaneous pressure must be controlled within a certain range of the maximum allowable pressure.


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