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Valve application classification


The following is a summary of the classification of valve applications, mainly based on different valve application conditions to explain to you:

General service valve
General service valves are those designed for most common operations, with low pressure ratings between American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Class 150 to 600 (pipe diameters from DN16 to DN100) and medium temperature ratings at Between -50 to 650°F (-46 to 343°C), fly corrosive media and common pressure drops without causing cavitation and flashing.Universal service valve design has a certain degree of interchangeability and adaptability to enableThey are used in a wider range of operating conditions. Body materials are specified as carbon steel and stainless steel.

Special condition valve
Special service valves are custom manufactured valves designed for a single application that is unexpected from normal process operation. Due to its peculiar design and manufacture, it can only operate under the parameters and operating conditions related to specific operating conditions. This aspect is typically used to handle a desired temperature, altitude or medium in retest.
Severe condition valve

Severe Service Valves with special characteristics to handle volatiles, high pressure drop injection leading to severe cavitation, flashing, plugging or high noise levels. This kind of valve can be designed with a good valve core on the globe valve. Or special valve discs; or special balls are involved in rotary valves to reduce or prevent effects in operation. In addition, an operator maniac or process operation section requires special actuators to overcome the force of the process.The electro-hydraulic actuator can generate a thrust of 200,000LB (889,600N).
The above three working conditions are general working conditions, special working conditions, and serious working conditions. The valve application classification is analyzed from these three different working conditions.


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