Use and debugging of thermostatic mixing valve

Use and debugging of thermostatic mixing valve

The following four important points should be paid attention to during the use and debugging of the thermostatic mixing valve:
1. When adjusting the temperature, the outlet water flow should be opened to the maximum.
2. The positive rotation direction of the adjustment knob is to cool down, and the reverse rotation direction is to heat up. For the first adjustment, please pay attention to adjusting from the low temperature direction to the high temperature direction to prevent burns.
3. The low temperature direction of the adjustment button is to turn off the hot water, and the high temperature direction is to turn off the cold water. If the temperature of the hot water is not high, you can turn off the cold water and only use hot water for bathing. But after use, you should pay attention to the high and low temperature area to avoid the next time Burns occurred during use.
4. If the inlet pressure of cold and hot water is inconsistent, and there is no one-way stop valve installed, please note that after each use, turn the temperature adjustment button to the end of the low temperature direction, that is, turn off the hot water state, and prevent cold and hot to the greatest extent. Water strings together.
The above four points are all the content that needs to be paid attention to in the use and debugging of the thermostatic mixing valve shared with you today. I hope I can bring you some help, hurry up and get up~


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