Two-way Metal Sealed Butterfly Valve

Two-way metal hard seal butterfly valve (wafer type), two-way metal hard seal butterfly valve (flange type), two-way pressure metal hard seal butterfly valve, electric two-way metal seal butterfly valve.The “slanted elliptical butterfly plate radial dynamic balance sealing system” is adopted to reliably achieve zero leakage of butterfly valve seals. After mass production, this product has created good economic and social benefits, and has been selected by the majority of users.

Two-way Metal Sealed Butterfly ValveStructural features
In the process of opening and closing the butterfly plate, the two-way metal-sealed butterfly valve realizes friction-free and jamming between the sealing ring of the butterfly plate and the sealing surface of the valve seat. The pressure angle on the sealing surface is greater than the friction angle. System” design, the opening resistance of the butterfly plate is extremely low. During the opening and closing process, the sealing surface of the butterfly plate can be completed instantly and quickly at each point along the 360° circumference, point-by-point contact and point-by-point separation, quickly and accurately realize the sealing action that automatically matches the closing contact. The all-metal hard-sealed butterfly valve adopts an integral metal seal on the sealing surface, and has an elliptical cross-section sealing ring through high-precision machining, which forms a sealing pair with the metal sealing surface of the valve seat. This kind of sealing structure does not produce plastic deformation under high pressure, and there is no stamping stress, welding stress, elastic annealing or brittle cracking phenomenon under high temperature or low temperature, which completely solves the problem of leakage caused by the unreasonable structure of the traditional butterfly valve sealing surface Improve the reliability of valve sealing performance.

Scope of application of two-way metal seal butterfly valve
Two-way pressure metal sealing butterfly valve is suitable for closed-circuit sealing device, throttling device and regulating device in high, medium, low, high temperature and low temperature pipelines. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electric power, energy, transportation, farmland, hydraulic power, construction and other industries. It is especially suitable for working conditions with strict tightness, such as gas pipelines, and also suitable for corrosive media such as water, steam, oil, air, electricity, dust, and acids.


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