Top 20 Industrial Valve Manufacturers and suppliers worldwide

Valued at USD 67.49 billion in 2017, the industrial valve market is expected to reach USD 85.19 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 3.96 percent.
The US market for industrial valves has experienced dramatic growth in the last decade. Almost all of the industrial market is in the hands of industries such as petroleum, chemical, and water and wastewater. Valve sales and shipments in the U.S. alone increased by 1.45% in 2018. The upward movement of the stock price is a positive sign for valve buyers.
This article details the top North American and European valve manufacturers and their products. You can find a list of China’s best valve manufacturers in this list of the top industrial valve manufacturers in China.

Buying Guide for Industrial Valves

Selecting the correct valve is all about finding what is right for you. Using this buying guide, you will be able to pick out the best suitable valve from all other types.
When pressure is increased, there is the potential for rupture in the valve. Knowing the required pressure and the valve’s capacity lets you select a valve that can withstand that level of pressure.
Knowing the maximum temperature a valve can endure is essential when choosing the appropriate valve.
Knowing the flow velocity of the valve allows you to purchase the required valve.
Valve sizing has the undesirable side effect of causing unstable or unmanaged flow rate. Figuring out the valve dimensions helps you buy the necessary one.
The industrial valves used in industries such as this are mechanical devices that control and reduce the flow of gases and liquids. Gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and check valves all belong to a broad category of industrial valves called process valves.
In order to succeed, you must find a source for industrial valves. They are one of the most reliable and trustworthy industrial valve suppliers in the industry, providing the exceptional products you need. Depending on your company’s needs, there are many options when it comes to valves: either working with a small, medium, or large multi-national company. The choice is ultimately yours. Decide on the type of valves your company requires and the cost. All other variables are minor compared to these two points.

Top 10 industrial valve manufacturers and suppliers in USA

1. Tyco

Tyco has a large share of the industrial valve supplier market, mainly focused on fire protection products. Their fire valves are suitable for various applications across many markets, offering wet system and dry system valve systems, and shutoff valves that include butterfly valves, and gate valves, that keep workplaces safe and smart. Tyco valve products are used in warehouses, commercial buildings, chemical factories, offshore platforms, power plants, and tunnels.

Control Valves are made up of three parts: an actuator, a positioner, and a body. They can control flow, pressure, temperature, and level with the push of a button. Control Valves manufacturers can give you with the most modern Control Valves on the market, along with top pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuators, whether the media you’re processing is a fluid, gas, slurry, or mix.
It’s more critical than ever to process product swiftly, efficiently, and safely. Even minor system failures might have significant ramifications. That is why Lucky6s Control Valves collaborates with the best fluid motion and control brands in the world. Our comprehensive variety of ideal Control Valves ensures you get the finest performance and the lowest total cost of ownership.
2. Cameron

Cameron is a well-known maker of industrial valves. Their valve and valve automation technology is widely utilized in the oil and gas industry to direct and control liquid flow inside these systems. Cameron’s products align with market segments such as subsea, drilling, critical service production, standard production, gas transmission and storage, liquid transmission and storage, and process, refining, and petrochemical.

Butterfly valves are made up of a pipe wall seal, a round disc or plate, and a control lever. When the lever is turned, the valve’s disc rotates ninety degrees. The valve is open when the disc is parallel to the flow of water; when the handle is turned, the disc rotates around to a position parallel to the flow of water. It fits snugly into the seal and completely prevents all flow through the pipe. Butterfly valve manufacturers have a variety of material options when producing butterfly valves. Stainless steel butterfly valves are the most commonly used because they are naturally corrosion-resistant, efficient, and highly sanitary, and they require less maintenance than other materials.
3. Emerson
Emerson is a major industrial valve supplier, along with actuators and regulators, with brands like Anderson Greenwood™, Bettis™, Crosby™, Clarkson™, Fisher™, KTM™, Keystone™, Vanessa™ and Yarway™. Control valves, isolation and shutdown valves, solenoid valves, and pressure and safety relief valves are all available from them.
Emerson’s primary focus is on automation solutions, as well as commercial and residential solutions for a variety of applications.

industrial valves are used in various commercial construction projects, automation projects and so on. Increased industrialization, expansion of existing facilities have spurred the demand owing to technological innovations and boost the industry growth.
industrial valve company produced various types such as Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Pressure Valves, and Diaphragm Valves etc. These valves perform various functions working on a different working principle.

4. Hannifan Parker
Parker Hannifan, a Fortune 250 company, has a long history in the industrial and aerospace markets as a supplier of industrial valves. They offer a diverse range of products, including valves. The company primarily sells needle valves and ball valves in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Knife Gate Valve Manufacturers

The Knife Gate Valve is designed for positive shut off of all free flowing bulk material. It can be used in feeding, dust collector hoppers, silos or other conveying equipment. The valve’s open throat is designed to assure there is no clogging of bulk material;
The Knife Gate Valve consists of a cast iron housing with a stainless steel gate supported by a series of rolling cams and an inlet seal positioned beneath the inlet retaining ring sandwiching the gate at the top. The unit incorporates graphite aramid fiber packing as standard .
Lucky6s as one of the top Knife Gate Valve manufacturers, you can rest assured that our units will provide exceptional performance.

5. Flowserve
Flowserve is a company that specializes on fluid motion and control problems. With over 300 locations around the world, Flowserve offers a wide range of valve and seal products, as well as engineering and aftermarket services. The company operates in more than 50 countries, ensuring that their expertise is available to clients worldwide.

Diaphragm Valve Manufacturers

Diaphragm valves are the “cleanest valves” because their passages and media come into contact with contaminants the least. Because the fluid stream does not come into contact with the valve’s working parts, fluid contamination and corrosion of the operating mechanism are avoided. As a result, diaphragm valves are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in water treatment.
Diaphragm valves are linear motion valves that operate in both directions. They start, stop, control, and separate the flow stream from the closure element in order to contain contaminants such as slurries, radioactive, corrosive, or other fluid media flows. The valve diaphragm is a pressure-responsive flexible component that causes the valve to open or close. It forms a seal with the seat at the top of the valve body.
Originally developed for industrial applications by diaphragm valve manufacturers, the modern diaphragm valve has been adapted for the biopharmaceutical industry. Materials that are compliant, such as stainless steel, can withstand sterilization methods. Smoothly lined diaphragm valves can handle sticky and viscous fluids that clog other valve systems.

6.Crane Co.
Crane Company is another company that specializes in industrial fluid control products and systems, including valves. Crane Valve Services is a company that specializes in providing solutions for the global nuclear power market, including valve diagnostics and service. Gate valves, check valves, globe valves, quarter turn valves, and replacement parts are all part of their product line.

Gate valves, also known as “block valves,” are the most common type of valve in the industry. Gate valves control flow by switching on and off. When the valve is fully open, fluid flows through it in a straight line, resulting in minimal pressure loss across the valve.
The gate must be moved across the flow, through the valve body, and into the seating region to stop the flow. Lucky6s gate valve manufacturers offer both a flexible and a solid wedge gate design. The more common flexible wedge is a machined disc that fits into the tapered integrated seats of the valve body. When the valve is closed, the disc wedges between the two-seat rings, ensuring a secure shut-off. The rugged architecture allows for closure even when unclean fluids are mixed with particles.
Since 1929, Curtiss-Wright has been a fixture in the aerospace industry. They have evolved into a more diversified industrial valve supplier, serving commercial and industrial applications, defense, and power generation. In the industrial division, Curtiss-Wright offers direction control and pneumatic valves; in oil and gas, a variety of critical process valves. They also focus on naval defense, offering various valves for nuclear propulsion system components and non-nuclear products, as well as sub-safe ball valves. Additionally, the nuclear division manufactures valves.

Plug valves are multifunctional valves that control the flow of liquid by stopping it or changing its direction.
Valves are widely used in a variety of services, including gas, natural gas, hydrocarbons, steam, water, and wastewater, as well as at high temperatures and pressures. Media that corrodes. Fluids that are lethal, toxic, and sub-zero. Our Plug valves manufacturers provide low energy consumption through low-torque designs, as well as safe operation with tight shutoff performance. Pressure-balanced designs achieve high levels of uptime. Double-isolation models can meet absolute shutoff requirements.

8. AVK Group
The AVK Group designs and manufactures valves, hydrants, and associated equipment for water and gas distribution, sewage treatment, and fire protection. The company is named after Aage Valdemar Kjr, who founded it in 1941 as a machine shop dedicated to refrigerators and refrigeration plants throughout Denmark.

Plug valves are multifunctional valves that control the flow of liquid by stopping it or changing its direction.
Valves are widely used in a variety of services, including gas, natural gas, hydrocarbons, steam, water, and wastewater, as well as at high temperatures and pressures. Media that corrodes. Fluids that are lethal, toxic, and sub-zero. Our Plug valves manufacturers provide low energy consumption through low-torque designs, as well as safe operation with tight shutoff performance. Pressure-balanced designs achieve high levels of uptime. Double-isolation models can meet absolute shutoff requirements.

9. Circor Energy
Circor Energy, headquartered in the United States, is a market leader in the design and manufacture of highly engineered products and subsystems. The company serves a variety of industries, including oil and gas, as well as industrial.

Rotary Airlock Valve manufactured are designed to provide improved performance to bulk material processing and production operations. In dry material metering applications, our valves ensure accurate material loading and unloading while also functioning as highly efficient rotary airlocks; minimizing pressure loss throughout the system.

Top 10 industrial valve manufacturers and suppliers in Europe

1. AKO
AKO is the market leader in Europe for the manufacture and distribution of industrial pinch valves for a variety of applications.
AKO collaborates with businesses from a wide range of industries all around the world. Customers of AKO originate from a variety of industries, including chemicals, foodstuffs, paper, power plant and recycling technology, waste water treatment, and minerals handling, cement, sand, and silo engineering.

There are three ports on a three-way ball valve. They come in a variety of body materials and with all of the standard end connections. They can be operated manually or automatically using an electric or pneumatic actuator. They can be used as diverter valves, directing flow from a single inlet to either of the two other ports as the outlet. They can also be used as an input selector, with one of the other two ports acting as the supply inlet and feeding the flow to a single outlet port. The bore through the ball (ball drilling) is available in two sizes, “L” and “T.”
Each design serves a distinct purpose. An L-port valve either draws media from multiple sources or diverts media between two distinct destinations. A T-port valve performs a similar function, with the main difference being that the media flows straight through from one side of the T to the other in the normal position.
In addition, the T-port can be configured to allow media to flow directly through the valve in position #1 while leaving all ports open in position #2. An L-port valve cannot be configured to open all valve ports at the same time.

2. Leser GmbH & Co. KG
According to the Pressure Equipment Directive and ASME VIII, LESER offers spring-loaded and pilot-operated safety valves for all industrial applications. LESER safety valves are used by major companies in the chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, technical gases, LNG/LPG, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, shipbuilding, and heating and cooling industry

3. Bray Valves & Drives Europe
Bray stands for high-performance, high-quality goods that are diverse and tailored to meet any requirement. Bray produces butterfly valves, ball valves, feed valves, and non-return valves for shutting off and regulating liquid, gaseous, and solids-containing media for a wide range of process and industrial industries as a global leader in industrial valves and drive technology.

4. Guichon Valves
Guichon Valves is a global pioneer in the design and manufacture of customized valves for crucial industrial applications. Guichon Valves has been designing, producing, assembling, and testing special and custom-made valves for the petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear sectors with stringent specifications for more than 90 years.

5. Böhmer GmbH
This is exactly what Böhmer expects from its products. Böhmer has been manufacturing ball valves in Sprockhövel for 60 years, and in Hattingen since 1999, setting quality and operational safety standards.


6.Continental Hydraulics UK Limited
Continental Hydraulics UK Limited is a privately held, independent corporation established in the United Kingdom. It has grown to deliver a more focused and accessible service in terms of Product Availability, Technical Support, Service, and Repairs to Continental’s growing European customer base. We have approximately 15 years of direct experience working with Continental Products and over 30 years of experience in the hydraulic business. Continental Hydraulics UK is the UK market’s first and longest-serving distributor. Our attitude is customer-centric, with a flexible and adaptive approach to all requirements, ranging from huge OEMs to single customers.


7.KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH
For more than 130 years, KLINGER Fluid Control has been a leading maker of industrial valves in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria.
KLINGER operates production facilities, distribution centers, and service centers in over 40 countries as one of the world’s leading quality valve manufacturers and suppliers.


8.Wakmet Industrial Valves Sp.j.
Steel valves are manufactured by WAKMET LTD in the pressure range of 0.6MPa to 80.0MPa, with diameters ranging from DN 4mm to DN 1500mm and temperatures ranging from -190oC to 670oC. The greatest quality and reliability of the manufactured valves are ensured by experienced and skilled employees and current technology.

9. Arca Regler Gmbh
ARCA Regler, established in Germany, is a major manufacturer of industrial control valves known for its cutting-edge technology and consistent quality.

10 Lapar Control Valve
Lapar Control Valves is an industrial valve manufacturer based in Italy. The organization offers a comprehensive range of services, from first consultation to after-sales support.

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