Tips for Installing Cryogenic Regulators

Tips for Installing Cryogenic Regulators
The regulating valve used in low temperature and cryogenic occasions is called low temperature regulating valve. So in such a special environment, how can we effectively install the cryogenic control valve?
1. Check whether the parts of the whole machine are damaged or loose. For the use of media harmful to human health, strength, sealing, leakage and accuracy tests must be carried out.

2.Clean pipes and valves to remove impurities and grease before installation. Especially in the case of no oil, users can put forward specific cleanliness requirements. When selecting lubricants, the taboos of the working medium must be considered to avoid accidents.

3. The flange connection between the valve body and the pipeline should pay attention to the coaxiality. The connection plate of the mounting flange on the upper valve cover and the cold box should be connected as much as possible by winding.

4. The safety of personnel and equipment should be considered in the installation site, which is not only easy to operate, but also conducive to disassembly and maintenance.

5. The valve should be installed upright and vertically on the horizontal pipeline, and can be installed inclined when necessary. When the valve is vertical or vibrated, it must be fixed with a support frame.

6. The flow direction of the medium should be the same as the arrow on the valve body. Airflow should be dry and oil-free. The valve should function between the ambient temperature -30 ~ 60 ℃.

7. In order to make continuous production when the automatic control system fails or the valve is repaired, a bypass should be set up. The flow characteristics and stroke of the bypass valve should be consistent with the original valve selection.
The above seven points are the tips for installing low temperature regulating valve. If you read it carefully, you will definitely gain a lot. Collect it~


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