Three common gas valves

Three common gas valves
Today, I will introduce three common gas valves to you. These three gas valves are more common in our daily life.

one,kitchenfront valve

The stove valve is a control valve between the gas pipeline and the stove hose. After each use of natural gas, the stove valve must be closed.When the valve in front of the stove fails, it should be reported for repair in time.

2. Residential inlet pipe valves

Residential inlet pipe valves refer to the main valve of unit standpipe, the stop valve on the gas riser of high-rise residential buildings, and the main valve in the stairwell of the corridor. Any switch is prohibited, and it is strictly prohibited to close without accident. It is strictly forbidden to open it at will after it is closed in an accident.Inlet pipe valve for residential use

three,front valve

The valve in front of the meter refers to a valve in front of the gas meter after entering each user’s room. For users who do not use gas for a long time, please close the valve in front of the meter. When the meter front valve or the gas facilities behind the meter front valve fail or other situations occur, the meter front valve should be closed and a repair call should be made in time.


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