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There are several types of triple eccentric butterfly valve


There are several types of triple eccentric butterfly valve
D943 Electric triple eccentric butterfly valve,D363H Welded two-way pressure triple eccentric butterfly valve,American Standard Triple Eccentric Butterfly ValveWith triple eccentric structure design, the valve plate has no friction with the valve seat in the full stroke range of opening and closing, which eliminates the leakage caused by the wear of the valve seat caused by the opening and closing of the valve seat of the rotary control valve. The valve seat adopts a multi-layer structure, and the sealing surface is formed by the combination of metal and non-metal materials. It performs well under both high and low temperature conditions. This series of butterfly valves has a long service life and excellent sealing performance, and is suitable for almost all gas and liquid regulation and cut-off applications in industrial process control.

D943 electric triple eccentric butterfly valve is a long-term, energy-saving electric butterfly valve. Its structure adopts the principle of three-dimensional braided core, and the valve seat adopts a multi-level structure compatible with hard and soft seals, which is well processed. Electric triple eccentric butterfly valve is composed of valve body, butterfly plate, multi-level valve seat, valve stem, transmission mechanism and other main components. The angular-stroke electric actuator equipped with the electric metal-sealed butterfly valve can directly receive the 4~20mADC or 1~5VDC control signal output by the computer or industrial instrument, etc., according to the deviation of the valve position feedback signal and the set value, to intelligently control the actuator drive motor. Step adjustment (PID adjustment), in order to achieve accurate positioning of the opening of the valve or other devices matched with the actuator, and output the position feedback signal of 4 ~ 20mADC at the same time. Therefore, electric metal-sealed butterfly valves are mainly used in automatic control of metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, air, gas, combustible gas and water supply and drainage.

D943 electric triple eccentric butterfly valve adopts the design of three-dimensional eccentricity principle, which makes the space movement trajectory of the sealing surface idealized. There is no friction and interference between the sealing surfaces, and the sealing material is properly selected, so that the sealing performance and corrosion resistance of the butterfly valve are improved. performance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance are guaranteed. Its main features are as follows:
1. Small opening torque, flexible and convenient, labor-saving and energy-saving.
2. The three-dimensional braided core structure makes the butterfly plate tighter and tighter, and its sealing performance is good, achieving no leakage.
3. High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long use time, etc.

D363H Welded two-way pressure triple eccentric butterfly valve
D363H welded bidirectional pressure triple eccentric butterfly valve is made of the same material as the valve body into a sealing ring, and adopts electric or pneumatic transmission. The applicable temperature depends on the material selection of the valve body. It is generally suitable for industrial, metallurgical, environmental protection and other pipelines for ventilation and adjustment of medium flow, so that the disc plate can be freely rotated within the range of 90° to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjusting the medium flow. Its main features are:
1. Novel and reasonable design, unique structure, light weight, quick opening and closing.
2. Small operating torque, convenient operation, labor-saving and smart.
3. Use suitable materials to meet the low, medium and high temperature of different media and corrosive media.

Main technical parameters of D363H welded bidirectional pressure triple eccentric butterfly valve
Model: D363H
Pressure: PN25
Caliber: 25-800
Operation: Turbine Operation
Body: A216-WCB
Disc: A216-WCB
Sealing ring: SS304+graphite
Stem: AISI 410
Structure length: L=470mm
Connection method: welding

The American standard triple eccentric butterfly valve is to rotate the positive cone angle by one angle to the inclined cone angle, so that the eccentricity between the center of the valve stem and the valve body is reduced, and the opening torque is also reduced. Widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical industry, as well as water supply and drainage and municipal construction and other industrial pipelines, for flow regulation and load-cutting fluid use.

Main technical parameters of American standard triple eccentric butterfly valve
Pressure: 300LB
Caliber: 25-800
Model: D673W
Operation: Single-acting pneumatic actuator
Body: A351 CF8M
Disc: A351 CF8M
Sealing ring: SS316+graphite
Stem: F316
Structure length: 61mm
Design Standard: API 609


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