The working principle of the sludge valve

The working principle of the sludge valve
Sludge valve is often used to discharge sludge at the bottom of sedimentation tank of sewage treatment plant or water plant.Also known as cover valve.It is mostly installed beside the water company or other various pools, in the pool, so as to remove the sediment in the pool at any time. The main feature of the valve is that the double-chamber diaphragm transmission mechanism is used instead of the piston type, and there is no movement wear. This product is composed of a hydraulic cylinder and an angle type globe valve. The power in the hydraulic cylinder drives the flap to rise and fall to open or close the valve body channel. to achieve fluid on-off. The piston seal of the hydraulic cylinder is an L-shaped leather cup, which has good sealing performance and durability. The valve disc and valve seat are soft seals, with good sealing performance and no leakage. It adopts electric two-position four-way reversing valve or manual two-position four-way reversing valve for centralized control, which is easy to operate.

The working principle of the sludge valve

Working principle and performance
The valve consists of a valve body, a hydraulic cylinder, a piston, a valve stem, and a valve disc. The hydraulic cylinder is a liquid tool. The liquid is used as power, and the piston and valve stem are used as switches. It only takes one minute to open the valve plate. This valve must be equipped with a manual square valve or a solenoid valve to remotely control the switch of the sludge discharge valve. The valve has the characteristics of strong sealing performance, flexible switching, convenient maintenance and long service life. up to five years. The sludge discharge valve is an angle type globe valve with hydraulic source as the actuator.
The working principle of the above mud valve has been described in detail, and there are some performance descriptions of the mud valve. Get it now~


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