The working principle of spring safety valve

The working principle of spring safety valve

The spring safety valve is a device that limits the exhaust of the pressure cooker within the safe pressure range and ensures safe use. The structure and performance of the spring are the key to the valve. The spring safety valve is a device set up for the exhaust pipe to be blocked due to misoperation or uncleaning.

The working principle of spring safety valve

The spring-type safety valve relies on the force of the spring to press the valve core on the valve seat, so that the safety valve is in a closed state, and the lower part of the valve core is pushed upward by the steam. During normal operation, the downward compression force of the spring is greater than the upward thrust of the steam, and the valve is in a closed state. When the steam pressure reaches the seat pressure of the safety valve, the force of the steam on the valve core is greater than that of the spring, which makes the valve core lift up and the safety valve exhausts steam. The seating pressure of the safety valve can be adjusted by changing the tightness of the spring through the adjusting screw on the upper part of the valve stem.
This safety valve has the advantages of convenient adjustment, small volume and weight, and large steam exhaust capacity, and is suitable for boilers with different parameters and capacities.


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