The role of valves in water supply network

The role of valves in water supply network

Do you know where the tap water in your home comes from?The tap water sent by the water plant is provided by thewater supply systemTransmission and distribution to millions of households. To fully cover all water users, the water supply network must be distributed in all corners of the entire city. The pipelines of the water supply network will be very long: the short ones are hundreds of kilometers, and the long ones even reach thousands of kilometers.
The irreplaceability of water and the necessity of people’s survival determine the importance of safe operation of water supply network. However, due to subjective and objective reasons, the pipelines often have some failures, the pipeline network always needs to be constantly updated, and the number of water users often increases or decreases, so the phenomenon of water cut-off in some pipeline sections is unavoidable. In order to reduce the scope of water cutoff, it is very necessary to properly install control valves in the pipe network. Therefore, in a city’s water supply network, there are tens of thousands of valves, and they are randomly distributed under the city streets.
The valve is a kind of control equipment that “raises troops for a thousand days and uses them for a while”. It is usually required to open the valve in place to reduce water loss in the pipe section. Once needed, the valve should be able to close quickly and cut flow reliably.
The integrity rate of the valve is related to the selection of the valve, the manufacture of the valve, the design of the pipeline, the assembly of the valve, the opening and closing of the valve and the management of the valve. Of course, the main reason is the quality of the valve.
To sum up, valves play a vital role in the water supply network. In fact, not only the water supply network, but also the role of valves in all systems is almost irreplaceable and crucial.


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