The role of the throttle valve

Throttle valves are mainly used to control the flow of liquids. When the pressure difference of the throttle valve is constant, the size of its opening directly affects the change of the flow rate. You can understand the throttle valve as a faucet at home, and when the switch is turned on and off, a large amount of water will flow out accordingly. If the switch is turned down, less water will flow out. Is it intuitive and easy to understand the function of the throttle valve in this way?

A throttle valve is a valve that controls fluid flow by changing the throttle section or throttle length.Bundlecheck valveIn parallel with the throttle valve, it can be combined into aunidirectionalthrottle valve. The throttle valve has no flow negative feedback function and cannot compensate the speed instability caused by the load change. It is generally only used in occasions where the load change is small or the speed stability is not high.

Throttle valve features:

1. The structure is relatively simple, easy to manufacture and maintain, and low in cost.

2. The adjustment accuracy is not high, so it cannot be used for adjustment.

3. The sealing surface is easy to be eroded and cannot be used to cut off the medium.

4. Poor sealing.
The above small valves have introduced the function of the throttle valveAs well as the characteristics of the throttle valve and how to intuitively understand the function of the throttle valve, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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