The purchase of steam shut-off valve

The steam globe valve is also known as the bellows globe valve. The steam globe valve adopts a double-layer bellows design, which is welded to the valve stem to maintain stable operation performance and avoid the valve stem vibration caused by the vibration of the valve plug.
The purchase of steam shut-off valve
one,Not suitable for media with high viscosity or containing particles that are easy to settle.

2. Due to the large resistance of the stop valve, it is relatively suitable for pipelines with less stringent requirements for convection resistance.

three,The globe valve is suitable for small-diameter pipelines that need to adjust the flow, pressure and accuracy requirements, or on one-way flow pipe sections that are often closed to cut off water flow.

The above are some basic introductions about the purchase of steam shut-off valve and steam shut-off valve that I shared with you today. If you feel it is helpful, please collect it~


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