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The main accessories of the regulating valve and related trial introduction


Main analysis:adjustvalveAccessories selection and relevant application
The valve positioner is the main accessory of the pneumatic actuator, it is used together with the pneumatic actuator to improvevalveDoorExcellent position accuracy, overcome the influence of valve stem friction and medium unbalanced force, so as to ensure the correct positioning of the valve according to the signal from the regulator.
A locator is required in the following cases:
1. When the medium pressure is high and the pressure difference is large;
2. When the caliber of the regulating valve is large (DN>100);
3. High temperature or low temperature regulating valve;
4. When it is necessary to increase the action speed of the regulating valve;
5. When using standard signals to operate actuators with non-standard springs (spring ranges other than 20-100KPa);
6. When used for split-range control;
7. When the valve is reversed (air-to-close and air-to-open are converted to each other);
8. When the flow characteristics of the valve need to be changed (the positioner cam can be changed);
9. No spring execution
Mechanism or piston actuator, when proportional action is to be realized;
10. When using electric signals to operate pneumatic actuators, it is necessary to distribute electric-pneumatic valve positioners.
The electromagnetic valve
When the system needs to achieve program control or two-position control, it needs to be equipped with a solenoid valve.selectelectromagneticvalveIn addition to considering the AC and DC power supply, voltage and frequency, attention must be paid to the relationship between the solenoid valve and the regulating valve. It can be equipped with “normally open” or “normally closed”.
If it is required to increase the capacity of the solenoid valve to shorten the action time, two solenoid valves can be used in parallel or the solenoid valve can be used as a pilot valve in combination with a large-capacity pneumatic relay.
The regulating valve produced by our factory is usually used together with the solenoid valve produced by Dandong Solenoid Valve Factory. Dandong Solenoid Valve Factory has introduced the advanced solenoid valve technology from HERION, Germany, which has been localized. Among them, direct-acting two-position three-way single solenoid valve (including explosion-proof); A101ED-SB024000 series (specifications: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 40, 50mm); two-position four ( 5) Through single solenoid valve A102ED-SF025000 series (specifications: 5, 8, 12, 15, 20, 25mm). Direct acting advantages: 1. The working medium can start working from 0MPa; 2. It can be installed and used at will; 3. The working medium is suitable for water, gas and oil; 4. Sensitive action and reliable performance; 5. Low power, long life, The action frequency is high; 6. The explosion-proof head adopts the combination of additional installation type and flameproof type, which is convenient for users to connect.
Pilot-operated two-position three-way single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve P411EI-WFM80200 series (specification: 6, 12mm); two-position five-way single solenoid valve, double solenoid valve P413EI-WFM2630 series (specification: 6, 12mm ).
Please refer to the product catalog of Dandong Solenoid Valve Factory for the technical parameters when selecting.
pneumatic relay
Pneumatic relay is a kind of power amplifier, which can send the air pressure signal to a far place and eliminate the lag caused by the lengthening of the signal pipeline. It is mainly used between the field transmitter and the regulating instrument in the central control room, or in the Between the regulator and the field regulating valve, there is another function to amplify or reduce the signal.
The converter is divided into a gas-electric converter and an electric-gas converter. Its function is to realize the mutual conversion of a certain relationship between gas and electric signals. It is mainly used to convert 0~10mA or 4~ 20mA electric signal conversion or 0 ~ 100KPa gas signal into 0 ~ 10mA or 4 ~ 20mA electric signal.
Air Filter Regulator
Air filter pressure reducing valve is an accessory in industrial automation instruments. Its main function is to filter and purify the compressed air from the air compressor and stabilize the pressure at the required value. It can be used in various pneumatic instruments and solenoid valves. , Air cylinder, spraying equipment and air supply source and pressure stabilizing device of small pneumatic tools.
Self-locking valve (safety valve)
The self-locking valve is a device to maintain the valve position. When the air source fails, the device can cut off the air source signal, so that the pressure signal of the membrane chamber or cylinder can be kept in the state of the moment before the failure, so that the valve position can also be maintained at the position before the failure. To the position protection effect.
valve position transmitter
When the regulating valve is far away from the control room, in order to accurately understand the switch position of the valve without going to the site, it is necessary to equip a valve position transmitter, which converts the displacement of the valve opening into an electrical signal and sends it to the control room according to a certain rule. The signal can be a continuous signal reflecting any opening of the valve, or it can be considered as the reverse action of the valve positioner.
Travel switch (communicator)
The limit switch is a device that reflects the two extreme positions of the valve switch and sends out an indication signal at the same time. According to this signal, the control room can report the switch state of the valve in order to take corresponding measures.


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