The knowledge that electric butterfly valve needs to master

  The knowledge that electric butterfly valve needs to master

1. Valve body

Nominal diameter: 50-1200mm

Nominal pressure: PN1.0, 1.6, 2.5MPa

Connection form: flange type according to JB/T78-59 JB79-59 wafer type flange connection

Material: HT200 ZG25I ZG1Cr18Ni9

ZG0Cr17Ni12Mo2 lined with tetrafluoro metal hard seal

Medium temperature: Normal temperature type: -20ºC~+200ºC Heat dissipation type: -40ºC~+450ºC

2. Valve components

Spool form: valve plate

Flow characteristics: linear characteristics or equal percentage characteristics

Material: HT200 ZG25I 1Cr18Ni9Ti lined rubber lined tetrafluoroethylene

3. Executing agency

Type: QS series, 3810, DSR series electronic angular travel actuators can be selected.
The above three aspects are the knowledge that the electric butterfly valve needs to be mastered today, including the valve body, the valve internal components and the actuator. After these three parts are understood, then the basic knowledge of the electric butterfly valve will be mastered. Nine is not far from ten.


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