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The difference between zinc alloy triangle valve and all copper triangle valve


The difference between zinc alloy triangle valve and all copper triangle valve
Zinc alloy triangle valve and all copper triangle valveIt is a member of the triangle valve. We can see the basic difference from the material: one is zinc alloy and the other is full copper. So what are the other differences between these two triangle valves? Please see the analysis below:

1. The triangular valve materials in bathroom hardware are mainly all copper, stainless steel, aluminum oxide and zinc alloy. The surface of all copper and zinc alloy hardware accessories is often chrome-plated. Considering the humidity of the bathroom environment, bathroom hardware often leaves the factory. To undergo multi-layer electroplating to resist corrosion and oxidation. All copper hardware is more expensive, and zinc alloy hardware is moderately priced.

2. The main body of the all-copper triangle valve produced by Guojianglong Plumbing adopts the red stamping and forging process, and is manufactured by precision machining, which is natural and durable. Electroplating: It adopts advanced electroplating process, and has undergone multiple coatings of acid copper, nickel and chromium. The electroplating layer is well bonded, finely adhered, uniform in color and luster, and has excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring that the surface of the product is bright and long-lasting. Product advantages:

1) High-quality all-copper body, no rust, no rust water;

2) The production is fine, and the product body is forged with refined brass material, which eliminates the hidden danger of pores and water leakage that may occur in the production of traditional sand casting.

3) Meet the lead-free standard, no harm to the human body, in line with the concept of environmental protection;

4) Multi-layer electroplating chrome, the appearance is as bright as a mirror, as long as it is new, and it will never fade;

5) Streamlined design, fashionable and fashionable.
3. To distinguish the all-copper or copper-zinc alloy triangular valve with chrome plating on the surface, it is necessary to master certain methods: at first glance, if the triangular valve is to be used frequently and often, first check whether the coating is good or not. Generally speaking, the brighter and more delicate the surface is, the more obvious the mirror effect is, and the better the coating process is. Second, listen to the introduction of the sales staff, mainly the introduction of the coating. A good triangular valve has not only experienced the previous grinding, polishing, Dust removal, and there are as many as six or seven layers of nickel plating and chrome plating. The more layers, the better the quality; three grips, you can use the grip method to see the quality of the material, and some businesses will pretend to be cast iron. All copper or copper-zinc alloy hardware, release the hardware after holding the hardware for two or three seconds, and the fog and traces will disappear quickly, which can basically be judged to be copper.


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