The difference between safety valve and regulating valve

 The difference between safety valve and regulating valve 

During use, if the pressure in the system is too large, the safety valve will jump; and the pressure regulating valve can set the pressure value. When the pressure is higher than this pressure, the valve opens, and when it is lower than this pressure, the valve closes. If we look at it this way, the regulating valve can be used as a safety valve, so is there any difference in performance?

The safety valve is to protect the pipeline or equipment, the pressure is too high, and it is used for pressure relief.
The pressure regulating valve is to keep the downstream pressure stable, mainly to ensure the stability of the downstream flow

In a word, the safety valve is to maintain the stability of the pressure in front of the valve
The regulating valve is to maintain the pressure after the valve is stable, of course the two cannot be interchanged!

The safety valve can be automatically opened and closed according to the working pressure of the system, and is generally installed on the equipment or pipeline of the closed system to protect the safety of the system. When the pressure in the equipment or pipeline exceeds the set pressure of the safety valve, the pressure relief is automatically opened to ensure that the pressure of the medium in the equipment and pipeline is below the set pressure, so as to protect the equipment and pipeline and prevent accidents. The regulating valve is used to regulate the flow, pressure and liquid level of the medium. According to the signal of the adjustment part, the opening of the valve is automatically controlled, so as to achieve the adjustment of the medium flow, pressure and liquid level. In general, the safety valve is only opened in an accident state, and theoretically requires physiological verification after opening, while the regulating valve is opened to adjust the flow or pressure under normal conditions.

Safety valve – set a pressure point and jump up immediately when the pressure is high, mainly used in emergency situations and usually closed

Regulator – Sets a pressure point upstream pressure a higher pressure than this it keeps the downstream pressure problem normally open!

The safety valve is a safety design used for a single equipment or pipeline. When the pressure is too high, it automatically trips to restore the pressure to the normal operating value. At the same time, it plays a protective role to prevent the equipment from being damaged or accident due to excessive pressure caused by excessive pressure. As the name implies, the regulating valve is a regulating function. It plays the role of regulating and controlling process parameters. Its purpose is to stabilize or regulate and control one or several upstream or downstream parameters such as temperature or pressure or flow or liquid level!

Safety valves are generally used on pressure vessels and are safety accessories that must be inspected. If the safety valve cannot be adjusted by itself, it must be verified after adjustment.
The above has shared the difference between safety valve and regulating valve. In some specific working condition systems, it is true that they can be interchanged and play the same role, but the specific difference and performance analysis, after reading the above , you must have understood.


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