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The characteristics and functions of the bottom valve


The characteristics and functions of the bottom valve
The alias of the bottom valve is the check valve, which belongs to the low-pressure flat valve. The function of the bottom valve is to ensure the one-way flow of the medium in the pipeline, so that the pump can work normally. When the pump stops working for a short time, the liquid cannot return to the water source tank to ensure water absorption. The tube is filled with liquid to facilitate the priming of the pump.
The bottom valve is a kind of energy-saving valve, which is generally installed at the bottom of the underwater suction pipe of the water pump. It limits the return of the liquid in the pump pipe to the water source, and has the function of only entering and exiting. There are many water inlets and reinforcing ribs on the valve cover. It is not easy to be blocked, and is mainly used in pumping pipelines. The role of water channels and supports. There are single-lobe, double-lobe, and multi-lobe types. There are flange connections and threaded connections. Other names: Internal thread lift bottom valve – well bottom valve, suction valve, water filter valve, shower head; lift bottom valve – flange well bottom valve; swing bottom valve – flange swing well bottom valve.

The characteristics and functions of the bottom valve

The bottom valve is welded at the bottom of the container, so as to achieve better emptying, cleaning and disinfection effects. In addition, the working medium can be well mixed according to the various technological requirements in the operation process. The tank bottom valve is as close as possible to the bottom wall of the tank, so as to achieve the effect of no dead angle.
Bottom valve characteristics:
1. The structure is ideal both in terms of flow rate and process requirements, and there will be no turbulent flow during emptying.
2. All current international standard interfaces can be provided, such as welding type, clamp type or threaded type, etc.
3. The material of the valve body is US304.SUS316L. Of course, other alloy steels can also be used according to the requirements of customers.
4. The surface of the valve body can be mechanically polished or electropolished according to customer requirements, and the precision can reach 0.25um.
5. The bottom valve can be equipped with manual or pneumatic. Each water pump should install a bottom valve. The bottom valve is usually installed below the water surface, while the overwater bottom valve is installed above the water surface. It is an updated product of the old bottom valve. , is an ideal water diversion equipment and can also replace vacuum pumps and vacuum devices.
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