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Water Treatmen

Water treatment application usually use Mounting Trunnion Ball Valve,Electric Trunnion Ball Valve,Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valve,Floating Ball Valve, and other sewage and drinking water pipelines.
Features: The valve seat and valve stem bearing with smallfriction coefficient and good self-lubrication greatly reduce the operatingtorque of the valve.As a result, even without providing sealing grease, the valve can be operated flexibly for an extended period of time.
Full diameter or reduced diameter structure: Full diameter or reduced diameter structure can be chosen as needed.
The flow aperture of the full-bore valve is consistent with the inside diameter of the pipeline, making it simple to clean.

Offshore & Marine Engineering

API607 Fire Ball Valve, API6DMounting Trunnion Ball Valve, Nickel Aluminum Bronze Ball Valve, and C95800 Ball Valve are commonly used in maritime equipment and marine engineering.
Anticorrosion requirements are relatively high in marine ship engineering. Particular materials, such as duplex stainless steel, nickel-aluminum bronze, titanium alloy, copper-nickel alloy, Monel, and Hastelloy, are frequently utilized to suit special requirements.

Chemical Industry

Mounting Trunnion Ball Valves in the Chemical Industry, High Pressure Forged Steel Trunnion BallValves Trunnion Ball Valves are mostly used for flow control. The chemical sector uses hazardous products and has stringent pipeline requirements. Ball valves are essential for regulating flow and switching off unsafe in-process manufacturing.
Structure for fire protection: A fireproof seal ring is inserted between the ball and the valve seat to protect the PTFE seal ring from being burned due to unexpected heat or fire, which would cause a major leak. The valve seat sealing ring is immediately forced onto the sphere under force to produce a metal-to-metal seal, which has a degree of sealing effect. The fire resistance test complies with AP16FA and APl607 criteria.

Gas Industry

Fully Welded Ball Valve for the natural gas industry, API607 Fire Ball Valve,API6D Mounting Trunnion Ball Valve, widely used in natural gas pipelines to ensurethe safety and reliability of gas.
Ball valves with trunnion-type flanges are essential in natural gas pipelines.
They are a new generation of high-performance ball valves for long-distance pipelines as well as typical industrial pipes.
Their strength, safety, and harsh environment resistance were all taken into account during the design process, and they can be used in corrosive and non-corrosive conditions.

Oil Pipeline Applications

Ball Valves for Trunnion Mounting, High-Pressure Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valves The petroleum sector makes extensive use of Trunnion BallValves and other items. Ball valves play an important part in the opening and closing of petroleum pipelines; the valve size is normally 1/2 “56”. The pressures vary from 150# to 2500#. Forged steel, cast steel, stainless steel, and other materials are used to create the material. The trunnion ball valve is designed to be fire-resistant and antistatic.
Trunnion ball valves are an integral feature of industrial pipelines and play a critical role in the petroleum industry’s production efficiency.
In the petroleum business, the trunnion ball valve is critical for altering production speed, controlling production operations, and maintaining production safety. Because there are so many variables to consider in the industrial manufacturing process, selecting trunnion ball valves must be done with great care and precision.

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