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Summary of American Valve Brand Rankings


Summary of American Valve Brand Rankings

In order to facilitate users to have a general understanding of American valve brands, let me share with youSummary of American valve brand rankings:

ranking Company brand name main products
1 fisher controls international ltd. Ball valve, control valve, regulating valve, safety valve, butterfly valve
2 armstrong valve co. Steam traps, pressure reducing valves, temperature control valves, safety valves, solenoid valves
3 jamesbury valve co. Ball valve, butterfly valve
4 Adams Valve Co., Ltd. Triple eccentric butterfly valvecheck valve, control valve, throttle valve
5 camon valve co. Bellows globe valve, control valve, etc.
6 general valve co. Plug valve, four-way reversing valve
7 Crane Valve Group Corporation Gate valve, ball valve, check valve, butterfly valve, nuclear power valve, globe valve, copper valve
8 American NIBCO (NIBCO) BS standard bronze valve, American standard gate valve series, etc.
9 american valve co., ltd. Butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, check valve, plastic valve
10 anderson greenwood co. Nuclear valves, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, regulators
11 APCO Willemite Valve Company Air valve, check valve
12 ascar corp. Remote Solenoid Control Valve
13 casco ltd. Regulating valve, control valve, butterfly valve
14 CCI Valve Corporation Check valve, globe valve, control valve, bypass valve, gate valve, nuclear valve
15 Sheco Butterfly valve, check valve, gate valve, ball valve, control valve, cryogenic valve, diaphragm valve, etc.
16 Artcommatic Products Division The electromagnetic valve
17 Sheco Seal Controls Check valve, axial relief valve, over flow valve
18 Countmatic Specialty Products Butterfly valve, control valve, ball valve
19 CPC Cryogenic Experimental Products Inc. cryogenic valve
20 regulator company Check valves, filters, diaphragm valves, pressure regulators
twenty one KF Hale Company Needle valve, ball valve, plunger valve, flow valve, check valve, diaphragm valve
twenty two Hoke Corporation (Hoke Corporation) Instrument pipe valves, needle valves,ball valvepressure reducing valve, safety valve, check valve, actuator, solenoid valve
twenty three KF Taiford Valve Specialist Company check valve
twenty four Leslie Controls Three-way control valve, rotary control valve, linear control valve, electric control valve, etc.
25 Nichelson Steam Traps Division Traps, safety valves, check valves, control valves
26 rockwood sweetman ltd. safety valve
27 Spans Engineering Safety valve, control valve, steam trap
28 SSI Equipment Ltd. Butterfly valve, check valve, filter
29 Cooper Cameroon Valve Company pressure control equipment
30 Danco Gate valve, ball valve, check valve
31 curtiss-wright fluid control corp. Control valves, solenoid operated isolation control valves, safety valves
32 fares engineering ltd. Pressure reducing valve, safety valve
33 Fromatic Check valve, water valve, control valve,butterfly valveAnti-pollution cut-off valve
34 daniel valve co. Ball valve, gate valve, check valve
35 Dubra Fluid Technology control valve, check valve
36 edworth valve co., ltd. High pressure valves, air valves, check valves, drain valves,gateglobe valve, etc.
37 golf valve co. check valve
38 HIP High Voltage Equipment Company check valve, safety valve,Shut-off valve
39 Hunter Valve Co., Ltd. Bypass valve, pressure reducing valve, control valve
40 American Invans Fluid Control Company Ball valve, butterfly valve, knife gate valve, globe valve, gate valve, check valve, etc.
41 ITT Industrial Valve Engineering Diaphragm valves, electric valves, ball valves, bellows seal valves, butterfly valves, etc.
42 american armley co., ltd. Butterfly valve, control valve, cryogenic valve, nuclear valve, Teflon lining butterfly valve
43 Masoneilan Control valve, exhaust valve, pressure reducing valve, stainless steel valve, ball valve, globe valve
44 pallas mtic valve co., ltd. Ball valves, check valves, plastic valves, drain valves
45 red valve co., ltd. Check valve, control valve, knife gate valve
46 red and white valve co. Butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve
47 jordan valve co. Sliding gate valve, control valve, regulating valve
48 special actuation valve co. Butterfly valve, ball valve, solenoid valve, check valve, control valve, knife gate valve, etc.
49 Rileys Pressure reducing valve, back pressure relief valve, mixing proportioning valve, reversing valve
50 TYCO Fluid Control Company Globe valve, pressure reducing valve, control valve, ball valve, check valve, knife gate valve


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