Summary of advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic valves

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic valves

The hydraulic device consists of three parts: control, power and actuator. The composition of the control part includes a pressure control valve, a flow control valve, a directional control valve, etc. and an electrical control system. The power part consists of an electric motor or a pneumatic motor, a hydraulic pump, a fuel tank, etc. It converts the effective power on the rotating shaft of the electric or pneumatic motor into the fluid pressure energy of hydraulic transmission. There are two types of actuators, one is the hydraulic cylinder actuator, which realizes reciprocating linear motion; the other is the hydraulic motor actuator, which realizes the rotary motion.
The advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic valves are summarized as follows:

Advantages of hydraulic valve device

1)The transmission is stable and reliable;

2)Convenient speed adjustment;

3)Simple, compact and small size;

4)A large output torque can be obtained;

5)The output torque can be accurately adjusted through the constant pressure relief valve, including the adjustment of the opening and closing torque, and can even be directly reflected by the hydraulic instrument;

6) In the event of a sudden accident and power interruption, the accumulator can still be used for one or several power operations. This is of special significance for automatic emergency shut-off valves and wellhead blow-off valves for long-distance pipelines.

Disadvantages of hydraulic valve device

1)The piping is troublesome and easy to leak;

2)The oil temperature is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, and the change of the oil temperature causes the viscosity of the oil to change, which affects the operation;

3) It is not suitable for occasions where various operations are performed on signals, such asSignal amplification, memory, logic judgment and other operations.
The above six advantages and three disadvantages are the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic valves shared with you today. Collect them~


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