Steam Traps Installation Precautions Installation Precautions

1. Clean the pipeline equipment before installation to remove impurities to avoid blockage.
2. The steam trap should be installed as far as possible below the steam-using equipment and where it is easy to drain.
3. Steam traps should be installed in places that are easy to overhaul and arranged as concentrated as possible to facilitate management.
4. Steam traps should be installed separately for each steam heating equipment.
5. The installation of the bypass pipe shall not be lower than the steam trap.
6. When installing, pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the valve body and the flow direction of the pipeline medium.
7. The medium flow direction of the inlet and outlet pipelines of the steam trap should have a downward slope of 4%, and the nominal diameter of the pipeline should not be less than the nominal diameter of the steam trap.
8. When the drainage capacity of one steam trap cannot meet the requirements, several steam traps can be installed in parallel. When used in places where freezing may occur, antifreeze measures must be taken.


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