Speed ​​control valve application and principle

speed control valve byHydraulic reversing valve,Simple throttle valveIt is composed of three parts and differential pressure reducing valve. After the oil cylinder stops running, there is no oil flowing through the speed regulating valve at this time, the pressure reducing valve is in a fully open state, and the hydraulic reversing valve is in a closed state. When starting again, the hydraulic oil must first open the hydraulic reversing valve, and at the same time, because the oil pressure in the spring chamber of the pressure reducing valve is very low, the pressure reducing valve is lifted, the valve port is closed, and the passing flow is very small. When the oil pressure of the oil cylinder is established, the pressure on the upper and lower chambers of the pressure reducing valve core will gradually reach a balance, maintaining an appropriate opening, and together with the throttle valve at the back, it will play the role of speed regulation. Therefore, there will be no forward rush phenomenon.

Speed ​​control valve application and principle

It consists of differential pressure reducing valve, electromagnetic reversing valve and two simple throttle valves. When the upper position of the reversing valve is connected, the passing flow is regulated by the valve; when the lower position of the reversing valve is connected, the passing flow is regulated by the valve.

The two working speeds can be adjusted independently. When one working speed is transferred to the other, since the pressure reducing valve is always in a decompressed state, the cylinder will not have a forward rush phenomenon. Moreover, the speed adjustment of the loop is flexible and convenient. The circuit generates less heat and has high efficiency.

The structure of the new speed regulating valve is that two throttle valves share a differential pressure reducing valve, and a reversing valve is embedded between the differential pressure reducing valve and the two throttle valves, which is different from the original use of two speed regulating valves and Compared with the speed switching circuit composed of a reversing valve, it greatly reduces the occupied space and simplifies the circuit. The speed regulating performance is the same as that of ordinary speed regulating valves, but the speed switching performance is significantly improved. This new speed control valve is especially suitable for occasions where the size of the hydraulic system manifold is limited.

The new speed regulating valve and the new speed regulating valve have overcome the shortcomings of the previous speed regulating valve throttling speed regulating circuit and working speed switching circuit, and have broad development prospects in hydraulic machine tools.
The above is the application and principle of the speed control valve shared with you today, let’s get it up quickly~


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