Special function valve – balance valve

Concept and superior performance:

Balance valve: It is a special function valve, which has good flow regulation characteristics, and the relative flow is linear with the relative opening. There is an accurate valve opening indication, and the smaller reading is 1% of the full valve opening. There is a reliable opening locking memory device, and the valve can be restored to the original locking position after the valve opening is changed. With the cut-off function, it is not necessary to install the cut-off valve after the balance valve is installed. It has quantitative measurement function and adjustment function. When the system is debugged, the debugger can realize the hydraulic balance of the system by adjusting the balance valve through the man-machine dialogue with the special intelligent instrument.
1. Boiler or chiller: When the boiler or chiller is installed in parallel, if the flow rate of each unit is inconsistent with its rated flow, the unit will not be able to operate at the high-efficiency point, affecting the performance of the unit. In this case, a balance valve should be installed at each boiler or chiller so that each unit can reach the designed output and ensure the safe and normal operation of each unit. When the chiller is connected to multiple cooling towers, each cooling tower should also be equipped with a balance valve.
2. Residential heating pipe network: The residential heating pipe network often supplies heat to several buildings from a boiler room or thermal station. It consists of the main pipe, the main pipe and the branch pipes connected to the pipeline inlet of the building on each main pipe. Since each building is different from the heat source, if there is no effective equipment to eliminate the residual pressure head in the near loop, the flow distribution will not meet the design requirements, resulting in overheating at the near end and overcooling at the far end. Balance valves should be installed on each main pipe and each branch pipe to ensure the flow balance between each main pipe and each building.
3. In-building heating and air-conditioning pipe network: In order to meet the energy-saving requirements for the heating and air-conditioning pipe network system in the building, it is necessary to ensure that all risers and branch pipes meet the design flow. At this time, balance valves should be installed on the main pipe, main pipe, riser pipe and branch pipe.
4. Thermal power station: In the system where thermal power station or boiler room supplies hot water to several thermal power stations, in order to make each thermal power station obtain the required water flow, a balance valve should be installed on the primary loop side of each thermal power station. In order to ensure that the water flow of each secondary loop is the design flow, a balance valve should also be installed on the side of each secondary loop of the thermal station.


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