Some problems of fire dampers in engineering

Some problems of fire dampers in engineering 
Fire dampers are valves that are closed by means of a spring mechanism and gravity.

Some problems of fire dampers in engineering

According to relevant regulations: after the fire alarm is confirmed, the air-conditioning supply of the relevant parts must be stopped, the electric fire damper must be closed, and its feedback signal must be received; at the same time, the smoke prevention and smoke exhaust fans, smoke exhaust valves, etc. of the relevant parts must be activated, and the feedback received. Signal. In some engineering linkage control, the smoke exhaust valve and exhaust port cannot be controlled by zone, and some cannot receive their feedback signals, and cannot reflect the opening and closing status of the valve parts.
Problems of non-pneumatic fire dampers in gas fire extinguishing system in pipe network 
There is no remote control for the stop valve when the air supply and smoke exhaust are combined
Some buildings have basements and parking lots that use air ducts for both air supply and smoke exhaust. At this time, in most of the air ducts that are used together, the shut-off valve in front of the air supply fan and smoke exhaust machine can only be manually operated on site, and cannot be fully realized. In the remote control of the control room, usually, the blower is working, and the stop valve at the front end is open. In the event of an accident, such as a fire, someone needs to go to the scene to close the stop valve in front of the blower, which is very dangerous and impractical. This directly affects the exhaust system.
Similar to the above conditions, it is strongly recommended that the globe valve must be operated remotely.


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