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Pneumatic valves and manual valves commonly used in traditional industries are less cost-effective than electric valves in terms of installation cost and efficiency.

In industrial processes, valves are mostly used to control the movement and flow of various fluids, such as water, oil, and chemical liquids, based on parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow. And factory commonly used control valve has pressure reducing valve, pneumatic valve, solenoid valve and temperature constant temperature system, proportion control valve constant temperature system, temperature control valve, etc. Several types. When selecting various automatic valves, factors such as the type of heat engine, required precision, quality of control valve, pressure drop, flow rate and its structure, failure rate, manufacturer’s credit and after-sales service should be considered in order to achieve economical and practical purposes.

As far as the product itself is concerned, the electric valve is a more cost-effective choice for the industry because it has the advantages of easy assembly, low failure rate and meeting the automation needs of the industry. Because the use of traditional pneumatic valves requires piping, solenoid valves, and compressors to match, the electric valve is driven by a motor, which is easy to install and saves trouble. the costing payment. In addition, the opening and closing of the motor drive is smoother, without the disadvantage of excessive instantaneous momentum, and the failure rate can be greatly reduced.

Many people think that electric valves are expensive and costly to use. In fact, this is not the case. If calculated as a whole, traditional valves require many accessories and piping installations. The price does not dominate, but more maintenance costs.


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