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A sluice Valve is also called a Gate valve. This valve opens when a rectangular or round wedge is lifted from the fluid’s path. A gate valve is characterized by the presence or absence of a rising stem in it. An increasing stem visually indicates the valve position. This is due to the fact that the gate and stem are attached and both lower and rise together according to the valve operation. In the case of a valve with a non-rising stem, the stem has a pointer attached to its upper line. This pointer indicates the valve position as the gate would travel above or below on threads without lowering or raising the stem. The non-rising stem is primarily used in places having limited vertical space or underground.

Lucky6s is a sluice valve manufacturer and sluice valve, provider. We provide all types of sluice valves of all dimensions. Our production capacity is huge and the inventory of finished goods is maintained at a high level.

As a reputed sluice valve supplier, we are known for timely delivery and the quality standards that we maintain. Our expertise as a sluice valve manufacturer enables us to take up projects that demand variety and customization.

We are one of the most preferred sluice valve providers in the foreign markets and that can be seen through our clientele and the accolades that we receive. We as a sluice valves supplier value client satisfaction and consider it of immense importance. We make sure that, we provide the best service and products in all dealings with the client.

We are a sluice valves manufacturer who implies the best quality raw materials and manufactures sluice valves according to the most accurate specification. Our testing standards are very high and we make our products go through international standards tests which qualify for global sale. Globally our products are known to be one of the best which increases the demand every day.


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LUCKY6S is Chinese leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves. which has over ten years of experience in manufacturing high-quality industrial valves, focuses on delivering safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to every industry that requires automation. We are committed to supplying premium industrial valves and equipment to distributors, importers, and project managers worldwide. 

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