Sleeve Plug Valve


The sleeved plug valve is a valve that uses a plug body with a through hole as the opening and closing piece, and the plug body rotates with the stem to realise the opening and closing action. Most of the plugs are cones , and there are also cylindrical . Simple structure, fast start and close, small flow resistance, convenient maintenance, good sealing performance and so on. Drive mode: handle, worm gear operated, pneumatic, electric. Products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, textile, hydropower, food, pharmaceutical, paper and other industrial pipeline system control.


Features and Benefits

(1) The product structure is reasonable, the seal is reliable, the performance is good, the shape is beautiful.

(2) Its sealing is achieved by the sealing surface around the card sleeve. The metal lip protects the fixed ferrule.

(3) The valve does not have a cavity to accumulate media.

(4) The metal lip provides a self-cleaning effect when the plug is turned, suitable for viscous and foul-prone conditions.

(5) Two-way flow, open and close quickly, low flow resistance, more convenient to use  and install.




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