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Selection steps of regulating valve size


Selection steps of regulating valve size
To determine the diameter of the regulating valve, the basic selection steps are the following seven steps:

1. First, calculate the larger flow Qmax and the smaller flow Qmin according to the equipment load of the production capacity.

2. Select the S value according to the selected flow characteristics and system characteristics, and then determine the smaller pressure difference △Pmin and the larger pressure difference △Pmax according to the pressure distribution and pipeline loss.

3. According to the calculation formula of circulation capacity, obtain the Kvs when the flow is larger.

4. According to the Kvs standard in the selected product type, select the value greater than Kvs and close to the Kv value.

5. According to the selected Kv value and flow characteristics, verify the opening degree of the control valve, and the opening degree is required to be between 10% and 90%.

6. Calculate R and check the adjustable ratio.

7. After each verification is qualified, determine the diameter of the regulating valve according to the Kv value.
The above seven steps are the selection steps of the regulating valve diameter shared with you today. If you think it is useful, please forward it~


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