Selection principle of plug valve

Selection principle of plug valve

According to the structural characteristics of the plug valve and the functions that can be achieved in the design, it is recommended to select it according to the following principles:
1. It is used to distribute the medium and change the flow direction of the medium. The working temperature is less than or equal to 300℃, the nominal pressure is less than or equal to 1.6MPa, and the nominal diameter is less than or equal to 300mm. It is recommended to use a multi-channel plug valve.
2. It is recommended to use austenitic stainless steel ground-tight conical plug valves for equipment and pipelines in food companies such as milk, juice, beer, and pharmaceutical factories.
3. Oil-sealed conical plug valves are recommended for oil-sealed conical plug valves in branch pipes, scouring and cleaning equipment for oil field exploitation, natural gas field exploitation, and pipeline transportation, where the nominal pressure level is ≤ CL300, the nominal passage diameter is ≤ 300 mm, and the working temperature is ≤ 340 °C.
4. In the branch pipe, scouring and cleaning equipment of oil field exploitation, natural gas field exploitation, pipeline transportation, the nominal pressure level ≤ CL2500, the nominal diameter ≤ 900 mm, and the working temperature ≤ 340 ℃, it is recommended to use the pressure balanced inverted cone plug valve.
5. In the large-scale chemical industry, in the pipelines and equipment containing corrosive medium, where the opening or closing speed is required to be fast, for the medium based on nitric acid, 1Cr18Ni9 stainless steel PTFE sleeve can be used to seal Conical plug valve; for acetic acid-based media, Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti stainless steel PTFE sleeve sealing conical plug valve can be used.


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