Selection of vacuum system valves

Selection of vacuum system valves:

1. Butterfly valve:

Such valves shall be lugs or international piping standard IPS tubular connection port body and manufactured in accordance with the American Valve and Fitting Manufacturers Standardization Society MSS-SP67 standard; nominal working pressure is 200 psi non-shock cold water for diameters DN50 to DN300, DN350 Above is 150 psi. The valve body for thermal insulation has a 2-inch extended pipe diameter and is made of cast iron or ductile iron. The disc material is electroplated ductile iron or aluminum bronze alloy, equipped with Buna-N valve seat and seal; or Buna-N coated disc, equipped with polymer-coated valve body. The stem should be 400 series stainless steel without exposing the stem to the disc fasteners. Diameter DN65 to DN150 should be equipped with an operating handle with a 10-position throttle plate; butterfly valves with a diameter above DN200 should be equipped with a gear operating mechanism. The lug construction and tubular construction butterfly valve should be able to be used as a block valve and also be used at the end of the pipeline at full pressure without the need for a downstream flange. Handle operated valves shall be suitable for locking in the open or closed position.

Available valves:
(1) NIBCO LD3110-3 butterfly valve (handle operating mechanism) with lug valve body and electroplated ductile iron butterfly plate; LD3110-5 butterfly valve (gear operating mechanism)
(2) American NIBCO LD2100-3 butterfly valve (handle operating mechanism) with lug valve body and aluminum bronze butterfly plate; LD2100-5 butterfly valve (gear operating mechanism)
(3) American NIBCO GD4775-3 butterfly valve (handle operating mechanism) with tubular valve body and rubber-coated butterfly plate; GD4775-5 butterfly valve (gear operating mechanism)

2. Ball valve:
These valves should have a cold working pressure of 600 psi, two-piece cast bronze body, PTFE seat, standard flow passages, split packing nut, with adjustable stem packing, blowout proof stem and chrome yellow Copper/Bronze Sphere. Where pressure drop is a concern, a full-port ball valve or similar construction is required. Valve connection ports shall have American National Standards Institute ANSI threads of sufficient depth, or extended welded ports, and shall be manufactured to American Valve and Fitting Manufacturers Standardization Society MSS-SP110 standard.
(1) Standard flow channel valves that can be used: American NIBCO T-580-70 ball valve (thread); S-580-70 ball valve (welding)
(2) Available non-reducing full-flow channel valves: American NIBCO T-585-70 ball valve (thread); S-585-70 ball valve (welding)
3. Check valve:

Check valves up to DN65 shall be of Y-swing construction and manufactured in accordance with American Society for Standardization of Valve and Fitting Manufacturers MSS-SP80, working pressure class 125, bronze in accordance with ASTM B 62 Valve body with PTFE seat disc, or spring driven lift check valve with elastic seat. Valve connections should be threaded or welded.

Available valves:
(1), 125-pound American NIBCO T-413-Y check valve (thread); S-413-Y (welding)
(2), American NIBCO T-480-Y spring-driven lift check valve (thread); S-480-Y (welding)
(3) Pipeline control valve with diameter above DN65
The above is the detailed description of the valve selection of the vacuum system shared with you today from the three valve types of butterfly valve, ball valve and check valve. Get it quickly.


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