Selection of globe valve and three common classifications

Selection of globe valve and three common classifications
The globe valve is often referred to as the gate valve, which is a forced sealing valve. The following will introduce you to the selection of globe valves and three common classifications of globe valves.

Selection of globe valve and three common classifications

Globe valve selection

The stem axis of the globe valve is perpendicular to the sealing surface of the valve seat. The opening or closing stroke of the valve stem is relatively short, and it has a very reliable shut-off action, which makes this instrument valve very suitable for medium shut-off or regulation and throttling. Once the disc of the globe valve is in the open state, the contact between its seat and the sealing surface of the disc is no longer in contact, and has a very reliable cut-off action, so this instrument valve is very suitable for cutting or adjusting the medium. Throttling usage. Once the globe valve is in the open state, there is no longer any contact between its seat and the sealing surface of the disc, so the mechanical wear of its sealing surface is small, because the seat and disc of most globe valves are relatively easy to repair or replace. It is not necessary to disassemble the entire instrument valve from the pipeline when sealing the element, which is very suitable for the occasion where the instrument valve and the pipeline are welded into one. The flow direction of the medium through this type of instrument valve is changed, so the flow resistance of the globe valve is higher than that of other instrument valves.
Three common classifications of globe valves

one,DC globe valve: In the DC or Y-shaped globe valve, the flow channel of the valve body forms a diagonal line with the main channel, so that the degree of damage to the flow state is smaller than that of the conventional globe valve, so the flow through the instrumentvalveThe pressure loss is also correspondingly small.
Angle globe valve: In the angle globe valve, the fluid only needs to change direction once, so that the pressure drop through this instrument valve is smaller than that of the conventional structure globe valve.
three,Plunger globe valve: This form of globe valve is a variation of the conventional globe valve. In this instrument valve, the disc and seat are usually designed based on the plunger principle. The valve disc is polished so that the plunger is connected with the valve stem, and the sealing is realized by two elastic sealing rings sleeved on the plunger. The two elastomeric seals are separated by a collar and compress the seal around the plunger by the load applied to the bonnet by the bonnet nut. The elastomeric seals are replaceable and can be made of a variety of materials. The instrument valve is mainly used for “open” or “closed”, but is available with a special form of plunger or a special collar and can also be used for adjustment flow.

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