Selection of Ball Valve and Butterfly Valve

Selection of Ball Valve and Butterfly Valve

Friends in the valve industry may know that the utilization rate of ball valves and butterfly valves is quite high.They are very common and very commonly used valve types. In some specific occasions, it can even be used universally. The difference between ball valve and butterfly valve is mainly the difference in structure and switch principle.
Butterfly valve: The opening and closing parts are disc-type left and right openings. The characteristics are: 1. Simple structure, small size, easy installation; 2. Small flow resistance coefficient, rapid opening and closing; 3. Can be used for large-diameter valves; Different sealing surfaces, using various environments, including powdery, granular media, etc.;

ball valve:Plug valveEvolved, the shutter is a sphere. The characteristics are: 1. Low flow resistance; 2. It can be completely sealed under high pressure and high temperature; 3. It can be opened and closed quickly; 4. Its sealing structure determines its relative design and corrosion resistance; 5. The valve body is symmetrical, can effectively withstand pipeline pressure, and can cope with high-pressure working conditions;
The ball valve is slightly stronger than the butterfly valve, and the butterfly valve has advantages over the ball valve in the large-diameter valve;At this time, the adjustment range of the butterfly valve is not large.. For example, in high-pressure pipeline systems, ball valves have more advantages than butterfly valves.


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