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Selection and Analysis of Traps


Selection and Analysis of Traps

Traps are also often referred to as drain valves or traps. Their main function is to remove condensed water, carbon dioxide and air from the air system as soon as possible while preventing the leakage of steam to the greatest extent possible. There are many types of traps. For the selection and analysis of traps, the following three points will be described in detail.
Selection and Analysis of Traps

1. In the high temperature and high pressure superheated steam pipelines and equipment, special traps for superheated steam should be selected.

The superheated steam trap can separate the high temperature condensate produced when the superheated steam disappears under the harsh working conditions of high temperature, high pressure and small load. Among them, the disc type steam heat preservation type steam trap uses the pipeline steam to keep the main steam chamber of the steam trap. The structure is advanced. In the absence of condensed water, the steam trap is tightly closed, the working quality is high, and the service life is long. Steam traps.

2. In the production process of heat exchange equipment, drying room, rapid heat exchanger, distillation equipment, etc. that need to heat up rapidly, and production heating equipment that does not allow condensed water, mechanical traps should be used.

Mechanical traps are not affected by changes in working temperature and pressure. Water is discharged immediately, with low subcooling, and there is no water in the heating equipment, so that the heating equipment can reach the best working temperature. Among them, the free float type steam trap is more advanced in structure, very sensitive, with a lower subcooling degree of 0°C, can drain condensed water at saturation temperature, no steam leakage, and has many advantages, which can enable heating equipment to achieve better working efficiency. It is an ideal trap for production process heating equipment.

3. In steam pipelines, heat tracing pipelines, small heating equipment, heating equipment, and steam-using equipment with low temperature requirements, thermostatic traps should be selected.

The thermostatic trap has a large degree of subcooling and a low temperature of the condensed water discharged. It can make full use of the sensible heat of the high-temperature condensed water and has a good energy saving effect. Among them, the bellows-type steam trap has a more advanced structure, does not need manual adjustment, and is very sensitive. There are two types of bellows with a maximum subcooling degree of 15°C and 30°C for selection, which are not afraid of freezing, are small in size, and can be installed in any position. , The valve core can be repaired and replaced on the pipeline, which saves money and labor, has a long service life, and has a wide range of applications. It is a high-quality thermostatic trap.

The above have introduced theOn high temperature and high pressure superheated steam pipelines and equipmentas well asHeat exchange equipment in the production processAnd the different types of traps that need to be selected in the steam pipeline will definitely help you a lot.


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