Remote Control Valve Features

Remote Control Valve Features

The remote control valve has eight more prominent features:
1. Humanized appearance design, easy to operate;

2. Sensitive adjustment, good linearity;
3. Designed according to European standards, reliable quality;
4. There are two kinds of controllable temperature: (1) 6°C – 28°C, for room; (2) 30°C – 70°C, for floor heating.
5. The normal capillary length is 2 meters, and its length can be further lengthened.
6. The valve body is made of brass, which is easy to install and has a long service life;
7. A variety of valve body types are available: straight valve, angle valve, three-way valve;
Eight. Various sizes are available: DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25;
The above eight characteristics are the more prominent characteristics of the remote control valve shared with you today compared with other valves.


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