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Purpose and working principle of dynamic balance electric control valve


Now more and more intelligent products and more and more humanized products have continuously improved our living standards, and at the same timeHVAC EngineeringVariable flow systems occupy an increasingly important position. Fully balanced hydraulic systems are also increasingly used in HVAC engineering.This fully balanced water conservancy system is to adjust the air conditioning box and the like through the dynamic balance electric control valve.Terminal equipmentThe flow rate is used to control the temperature of the target area.

Purpose and working principle of dynamic balance electric control valve

Dynamic balance electric control valveuse

Therefore, this kind of electric valve is especially suitable for variable flow systems with large system load changes. It has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, stable working state and high adjustment accuracy. It avoids the disadvantage that the flow rate of the traditional electric valve changes with the fluctuation of the system pressure even at the same opening position. The dynamic balance electric control valve keeps this flow constant. When the instruction changes, the opening of the electric valve changes, and a new flow value is designed, and the balance valve keeps the new flow constant, so that the flow of the unit can be kept constant without being affected by the outside world. Make the system regulation more stable.
Dynamic balance electric control valveworking principle

After the integration of electric adjustment and dynamic balance, aDynamic balance electric control valve.Dynamic balance electric control valveThe design concept is novel and unique. When the pressure fluctuates during the actual working process of the system, the regulating valve can dynamically balance the pressure change of the system. Therefore, the flow characteristic curve of this dynamic balance electric valve is consistent with the ideal flow characteristic curve, and there is no deviation. The special design ensures that the adjustment of the electric valve is only affected by the standard control signal and is not affected by system pressure fluctuations. Moreover, the flow rate corresponding to any opening position of the electric valve is unique and constant. For HVAC For the system, this means that the amount of heat (cold) delivered by the electric valve is stable at any adjustment position.
That’s allDynamic balance electric control valveIts purpose and working principle, get it up for backup, please continue to pay attention to more information.


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