Product Standards and Engineering Standards for Check Valves

1) Product standard
“General Valve Iron Swing Check Valve” GB/T 13932-92

“General Valve Steel Swing Check Valve” GB 12236-2008

“General Valve Iron Globe Valve and Lift Check Valve” GB 12233-2006

“Wafer Check Valve” JB/T 8937-2010

“General requirements for steel valves” GB/T 12224-2005

“Valve Inspection and Test” JB/T 9092-1999

2) Engineering Standards
“Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Building Water Supply, Drainage and Heating Engineering” GB 50242-2002

“Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering” GB50243-2002

3) Relevant standard diagrams
01SS105 Selection and installation of commonly used small instruments and special valves


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